Additional concert at 22:00!

Friday, 12 July 2024 19:00, Pärnu Concert Hall
Nordic Swans” – Kristjan Järvi & NPO (formerly BSP)
Conductor Kristjan Järvi

Immerse yourself in ‘Nordic Swans: A Symphony of Elegance and Myth,’ where the visionary BSP and shamanistic maestro Kristjan Järvi, fresh from their recent triumph, conjure a transformative journey into the mystical. At this year’s Pärnu Music Festival, they unveil groundbreaking compositions, including original pieces by the talented musicians Clemens Rofner, Kairi Sosi, Liis Jürgens, Elisa Polov, Marnisch Haderlein-Ebner, Mari Meentalo and Kristjan Järvi. Notably, “The Drum is his Boat,” written for Nordic Pulse by the legendary Estonian composer Rein Rannap, will premiere at the festival.

This concert promises to plunge the audience deep into the soul of Estonian and Nordic folklore, embarking on an expedition to the edges of imagination. Accompanying these premieres is a spectacle that soars with the swan’s grace through Northern skies. This isn’t just a concert; it’s a portal to ancient realms, blending the primal with the contemporary in a sensory feast for wanderers, dreamers, and creators alike. ‘Nordic Swans’ represents the ultimate convergence of music, myth, and magic, building on the echoes of last year’s ‘Babylon Pärnu’ success to ignite the spirit of exploration and unity in a celebration like no other.

Additional concert!

Friday, 12 July 2024 22:00, Pärnu Concert Hall

“Nordic Swans” – Kristjan Järvi & NPO
Conductor Kristjan Järvi

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