Nordic Pulse Orchestra (NPO), the band that revolutionises orchestral performance with innovation and artistic freedom. This pioneering group not only pushes the boundaries of live orchestral sound but also revolutionises the traditional orchestra model. Formed by a diverse group of skilled musicians, NPO is dedicated to exploring new musical horizons and embracing the creative freedom of each individual artist.

Building on the innovative legacy of Kristjan Järvi’s previous artistic projects and the unique soundscapes he has developed, leading to numerous collaborations such as Ships with Brian Eno, recordings with Max Richter, Tom Tykwers Babylon Berlin and many filmscores, NPO is the culmination of the best of all those works including players from his groups, such as the Absolute Ensemble, Meelte Videvik Band, Baltic Sea Youth Philharmonic and Baltic Sea Philharmonic. NPO blends classical traditions with technological possibilities and modern influences to bring a fresh and exciting perspective to the music scene.

The ensemble’s unique structure on and off stage allows for autonomy in producing, live producing, performing, and recording original compositions. This independence enhances the creative process and results in dynamic and engaging musical experiences. NPO is not just about music; it’s about a shared creative journey that deeply connects with audiences. Owned and operated by the musicians themselves, NPO fosters a deeply collaborative and committed environment.