Xavi Castelló serves as Principal Percussionist at the Helsinki  Philharmonic Orchestra since 2013. Born in Aielo de Malferit, Valencia  (Spain), he received his diploma in 2008 at the CSMC (Tenerife). In 2009,  he continued his postgraduate studies at the CSMA, with Wieland Welzel  and Franz Schindlbeck from the Berlin Philharmonic and Jean Geoffrey  from CNSM, Paris. 

Awarded with the first prize in the International Percussion Competition  Perkulliria in 2011 and the third prize in the marimba competition “Ciudad  del Paso”, he continued his studies in Madrid with Raúl Benavent (RTVE)  and Esaú Borredá (OSM), were he developed his passion for  contemporary music and orchestral percussion. 

As a passionate musician, with a large experience playing orchestral  music and solo performances, he combines his passion for playing with  his devotion for teaching. He has been a regular guest teacher at the  Sibelius Academy (Finland), at the Grieg Academy (Norway), and at the  Progreso Musical (Spain)  

In 2018, he founded the Helsinki Chamber Soloists, a chamber orchestra  that performs arrangements of symphonic music adapted for chamber  ensemble. And the Helsinki Percussion Group, were they performed for  the YLE broadcasting company.