The Järvi Academy and music education of young performers is an inseparable part of Pärnu Music Festival. The Järvi Academy Conducting course 2023 takes place in Tallinn and Pärnu from 9 to 19th July.

NB! When registering for courses, please include

  • 2 YouTube links, each video 20 min long 
  • an edited biography for the programme
  • A photo in JPG format (high resolution)

An advance payment of €80 is required upon registration.
NB! In case of non-payment, the registration will not be taken into account.


Active participant
16 active participants will be selected for the courses, whose work plan will include

  • 13–20 minutes of daily work with the Järvi Academy Youth Symphony Orchestra (9.–18.07.2023).
  • 2 concerts in Tallinn (11.07 at 13 in Arvo Pärt Centre and at 19 in Tallinn Jaani Church) and 2 in Pärnu (13.07 at 20 and 19.07 at 20 in Pärnu Concert Hall). A maximum of 8 conductors will conduct at one concert, in Pärnu 8 + 8 (those who do not conduct at the first concert will conduct at the second concert and vice versa).
  • Active participants are selected for the courses by Paavo Järvi. The Maestro selects the conductors on the day before the concert.
  • The work will take place in Tallinn and Pärnu. The participants are allowed to film all sessions.

Two or three students are selected for the courses, whose work plan includes

  • 13–20 minutes of work per day with the Järvi Academy Youth Symphony Orchestra (9.–18.07.2023).
  • Concerts in Tallinn and Pärnu. As a rule, the students do not conduct a concert.

Passive participant
Those who receive a negative answer will be able to participate in the courses as passive applicants, whose work plan includes

  • one lesson from Leonid Grin (with pianos)
  • 1 hour lecture (Maarit Kangron)

If you wish, you can come to the courses as an auditor. The fee for one day is €30. Payment in cash on the spot.


– Artur Kapp – ‘Don Carlos’ ouverture
– Johann Strauss – ‘Künstlerleben’, op. 316
– Claude Debussy – ‘Première rhapsodie’ for clarinet and orchestra, soloist Matthew Hunt
– Jean Sibelius – Symphony No 1 in E minor, op. 39
– Charles Gounod – Symphony No 1 in D major
– Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart – Symphony No 31 D Major KV 297/300a “Paris” 
– Galina Grigorieva – Molitva (The Prayer), soloist Theodor Sink (cello)
– Arvo Pärt – Mein Weg
– Erkki-Sven Tüür – The Path and the Traces

NB! The programme is final!

Participation fee

Active participant 
Passive participant

€30 per day


Registration deadline for the conducting masterclasses has been extended to 14 May 2023. The results will be announced by the end of May.

The deadline for payment of the participation fee is 12 June 2023.  dIn case of late payment, we will propose active participation to the next applicant.

Other info:
Järvi Academy does not provide accommodation. It is difficult to find accommodation in Pärnu in the summer, so please book well in advance. We recommend staying in Pärnu until the end of the festival on 21.07 to attend the EFO concerts and the closing night.

Helen Erastus

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