Sander Mölder, Estonian Voices, Jonas. F.K. (kitarr), keelpillikvartett FourEst

19 July at 6PM
Ammende Villa


The concert is a combination of the performers’ original work and folk music set in a modern impro-pop sound format. The core point of the plan, compiled by Sander Mölder and Kadri Voorand, the artistic director of the ensemble Estonian Voices, is a representative glimpse into our folk music tradition through a song that has received arrangements with various tools. The songs are sometimes heard in jazz harmonic versions, electronic music manipulations, and original archival recordings can also be heard. The music is tastefully enriched with a rhythm and a bright and easy-to-grasp sound. The concert takes the guests into the magical world of sound and Estonian nature, which creates a strong basis for traveling and dreaming.