FLUTE: Niamh McKenna (10/07 – 12/07)
OBOE: Kyeong Ham (10/07 – 12/07)
CLARINET: Tuulia Ylönen (10/07 – 12/07)
BASSOON: Jesús Villa Ordóñez (11/07 – 13/07)
SAXOPHONE: Johan van der Linden (10/07 – 12/07)
FRENCH HORN: Björn Olsson, Paula Ernesaks (10/07 – 12/07)
TRUMPET: Adán Delgado Illada (11/07 – 13/07)
TROMBONE: Espen Aareskjold (10/07 – 12/07)
PERCUSSION: Henrik Knarborg Larsen (10/07 – 12/07)

Each participant will receive 3 individual lessons (piano accompaniment available) and chosen participants will have the opportunity to play in the Järvi Academy Youth Symphony Orchestra (no saxophones needed in the orchestra this year). 

To apply for the masterclasses a video recording is required.
The length of the recording: 5-10 minutes.
Repertoire: Free choice (solo piece or with piano accompaniment).
The recording should be uploaded to Youtube/Vimeo.

The recordings will be listened to by the Järvi Academy panel, who choose the participants of the masterclasses and the players in the symphony orchestra. 

The amount of places in the masterclasses is limited! 

The masterclasses take place in Pärnu Concert Hall (Aida 4).
If there are any available rooms, It is possible to practice in the same building.

The Järvi Academy Youth Orchestra rehearsal period is held from 11/07 – 19/07.
To be eligible for the orchestra, you have to available in Pärnu for the whole time period.


Artur Kapp – Overture “Don Carlos” 
Claude Debussy – Première rhapsodie for clarinet and orchestra
Johann Strauss II – Künstlerleben
Jean Sibelius – Symphony No. 1 in E Minor, Op. 39

The program is conducted by the participants of the conducting masterclass, which is led by Paavo Järvi, Kristjan Järvi, Neeme Järvi and Leonid Grin.
The concert on 19/07 will be conducted by the participants of the conducting masterclass.


(Includes 3 individual lessons, free entrance to festival concerts and a festival T-shirt)



Niidupargi 14, Pärnu
(double/triple rooms, breakfast included)

20€/day (*)


(2 meals per day – lunch & dinner)

10€/day (*)

(*) – Accommodation and catering are covered by a scholarship for Estonian citizens and international students studying in Estonia.

Participants are not required to use the provided accommodation and catering.
If you would like to, please mark it in the registration form. 

Applications closed.

Additional information:

Taavi Orro