Musical Destination: Pärnu

BBC Music Magazine chose Pärnu and Pärnu Music festival to be the musical destination of the June’s issue.
Oliver Condy visited the festival in 2015 and invites more everybody to be part of the festival vibe in the magical Pärnu.
“Estonia’s summer capital boasts pristine sandy beaches and warm sea, a delightful mix of traditional old and thrilling new architecture, plenty of green spaces, superb restaurants and a collection of world-class spas for which the city is renowned. Fans of exotic treatments can benefit from therapeutic mud from nearby Lake Ermistu or a bath of peat dug up from a local bog. Those in search of a more cerebral balm can bask in a festival that’s making waves outside Estonia.”

“Rapidly rising to the fore is the Estonian Festival Orchestra, made up of invited musicians from orchestras around the world, plus the most talented young Estonian players. Just as important
as their musicals skills, adds Paavo Järvi, is their ability to ‘muck in’ and help give the festival its intimate, happy atmosphere.”

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