The Orchestra of the Estonian Defence Forces was founded on 1 February 1993 as a state orchestra. The main tasks of the orchestra are to provide music for all state and military ceremonies, to welcome and to send off VIPs, and to perform concerts for both military and civil audiences. In the beginning, the orchestra consisted of 20 members but it has grown and now has 45 professional musicians. The Chief of the Orchestra and Chief Conductor of the Estonian Defence Forces is Cpt Simmu Vasar. 2nd Lt Mikk Uusmäe is the deputy conductor and also the drum-major of the orchestra. Conscripts with a good musical background are able to perform their mandatory duty in Defence Forces as members of the orchestra.

Currently, the orchestra does up to 200 performances per year. During its 25 years of existence, the orchestra has performed in international festivals in France, Italy, Spain, Germany, Sweden, Russia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, USA, Canada, Finland, Netherlands, Denmark, Belgium and Austria. The “armoury” of the orchestra includes Tattoo-show, music for official occasions and concert programmes, classical and popular. The orchestra has, to date, issued 16 CD albums.