Since his youth Dejan Bogdanovich (violin) has always had the attention of an international audience by eliciting surprise and admiration, not only for the perfect control of his instrument, knowledge of style and beauty of sound, but for his ability to grasp the musical essence in the compositions he performs by adding an emotional touch to make each piece personal. Most likely this is one of the reasons why in his home country they call him “The Genius of Colour”. Bogdanovich comes from a Russian school. In youth he studied with Zinaida Gilels and Evgenija Chugajeva and he finished his studies with world-famous violinist Viktor Tretiakov. Bogdanovich has collaborated with many contemporary composers such as P. Hersant, L. Kupkovic, A. Solbiati who have dedicated compositions for him. Apart from many successful concerts and master classes, his first CD recording the complete violin and piano oeuvre of a previously unknown 19th century French composer, Rene de Boisdeffre, with Jacub Tchorzewski, has received critical acclaim. He is also Honorary Professor for Doctoral Studies at the University of Novi Sad (Vojvodina). Bogdanovich plays on two precious violins by Franco Simeoni and Andrea Guarneri.