String courses and Järvi Academy’s Youth Orchestra working session will take place from 11th until 20th of July in Pärnu. The master class for strings consists of individual lessons and participation in the Youth Symphony Orchestra of the Järvi Academy.

  • Nicolas Dautricourt (viiul) – Prantsusmaa
  • Eva-Christina Schönweiß (viiul) – Saksamaa
  • Dejan Bogdanovich (viiul) – Itaalia, Veneetsia
  • Eva Bindere (viiul) – Läti, Itaalia 
  • Hans Christian Aavik (viiul) – Eesti
  • Robert Traksmann (viiul) – Eesti  
  • Mikhail Zemtsov (vioola) – Holland            
  • Julia Dinerstein (vioola) – Holland
  • Marko Ylönen (tšello) – Soome
  • Wayne Foster-Smith (tšello) – Saksamaa
  • Regina Udod (kontrabass) – Eesti

An audio or video-recording is needed. The most common tool for this is Soundcloud or Youtube, but of course you can use any other provider as long as it provides you/us with an URL-link without any log-in needs. This has to be a solo performance (with or without accompaniment), repertoire free of choice. One piece is enough, duration 5-10 minutes.

Järvi Academy Youth Symphony Orchestra’s (JAYSO) working session is held from 13th until 20th of July. All lessons and rehearsals will be held in Pärnu Concert Hall (Aida 4). Järvi Academy’s conducting masterclass students will work with the program during rehearsals. Dress rehearsal and concert are conducted by the best young conductors.


  • Robert Schumann – Symphony No 4 Op. 120
  • Joseph Haydn – Symphony No 95 C-Major
  • Eduard Tubin – Prélude Solennel
  • Mari Vihmand – “Mängud kolmele“ (premiere)

The participation fee for the course  is 400€. Reduced price applies for estonians and for participants studying in Estonia** (the fee includes individual lessons and orchestra sessions). 

PriceReduced prize**
Strings course 400€200€**
Strings course with accommodation and meals400€ + 20€ per night + catering 10€ per day 200€ with the scholarship**

By ordering accommodation via the academy, the accommodation in a double room costs 20€ per day and catering (3 meals per day) 10€ per day. If you want to take up our catering or accommodation offer, mark it in our registration form.

**Reduced price applies to estonian citizens or international students studying in Estonia.

Registration deadline is 30th of May 2022



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